Academic profile:

I am a Lecturer in Latin American and Spanish Cultural Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I am currently developing research in intersectional race-class-nation in streaming platforms of Latin America and Spain, particularly Netflix. I am interested in the way in which Sci-fi/Fantasy/Dystopian genres articulate cultural and societal issues that aspire to connect with international and local audiences.

My PhD (Screen Studies, LJMU, GTA scholarship) explores the construction of national identity in Spain through the racialised other, in particular Latin American and African immigration in Spanish fiction film (2005-2015). It engaged with theories of globalisation, society, and culture, such as those by Bauman, Bourdieu, Sassen, or Žižek.

Previously, I completed a MA in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester, where I focused on the areas of film, history, coloniality, and digital cultures. My dissertation explored the performance of a hybrid identity in an online forum for Chicanos.

My undergraduate degree was in the areas of language, literature and culture (Hispanic Philology, Spain),  were my chosen route focused on Literature, Drama, Film Studies and Reception Theories. 

I am currently a Fellow of the Higher Academy, after completion of a PGC AP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice). I have also completed teaching training for secondary teaching. I obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Valencia (Curso de Adaptación Pedagógica, 2005). I later obtained the UK QTS (Qualifying Teaching Status) in 2008  and I have also completed certifications Teaching Spanish as a Second Language (Instituto Cervantes). 


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  1. Hi Marta

    My PhD was on gendered space in Cuban literature in the run up to the Revolution. I have also published on Latin American cinema and am fascinated by film adaptation. After teaching Spanish and Visual Studies at the University of Wolverhampton as Visiting Lecturer I then started work at Visit Manchester, where I research internaiotnal conferences that could come to the city. This involves liaising with many academics.


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Dr in Screen Studies. Lecturer of Latin America and Spanish Cultural Studies (Film and TV)

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