Academic profile:

I obtained my degree in 2004 in Spain, where I studied Spanish Philology and obtained the title of Licenciada (4-5 year degrees). My chosen subjects were Literature, Drama, Film Studies and Reception Theories. Other main subjects included in my degree were Latin, History and Evolution of the Spanish Language, French, Literary Criticism and Linguistics. I obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Valencia (Curso de Adaptación Pedagógica, 2005). I did my training and induction period at a Secondary High School and College in that same city. I obtained the UK QTS (Qualifying Teaching Status) in 2008 by recognition of the Spanish title. In 2010, I obtained a MA with Merits in Latin American Cultural Studies by The University of Manchester, with a Dissertation on gender, symbolisms in Chicano culture and their use in self-representation online. My chosen modules were on Film, History and Transnationality. I trained as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Manchester in 2011. At the end of 2013, I was appointed research assistant at the Manchester Metropolitan University, with additional duties as Tutor of Spanish. I obtained a fully funded Graduate Teaching Assistant studentship for 2015-2018 at Liverpool John Moores University, with a PhD proposal on the representation of the immigrant in Spanish film. I have recently completed my PGC AP, which has granted me status as Fellow of the HEA.

Research interests:

My current research interests include: Film, the construction of gender and race, postcolonialism, gendering of the Other, immigration and symbolisms of space/place.  I am also interested in creative writing, Sci-fi and teaching languages as a L2.

Teaching profile:

I am currently the GTA for Screen Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. I am in charge of the content for Scriptwriting and Genre, both in relation to module design and lecture delivery. I have also designed and/or given lectures for World Cinema; European Cinema; American Cinema History and Contemporary American Cinema.  For Adaptation, I have delivered workshops and contributed to personal tutorials in relation to scriptwriting format.

Additionally, I have been teaching Spanish (all levels and courses, including literature) at the Instituto Cervantes (Manchester) since 2009. I have worked occasionally as a supply teacher in Secondary Schools across the Greater Manchester area for subjects such as Spanish, PSHE, Sociology and Drama. I was  the Graduate Teaching Assistant for SPAN 20192 Latinizing Europe (Department of Spanish, University of Manchester) during 2011-12 and 2012-13. I have also worked as a research assistant for a project on motherhood in diaspora and the internet. At the MMU, I have taught commercial courses for Spanish Beginners and Uniwide Advance Spanish. At the University of Manchester, I have taught Spanish Conversation. I’m also involved in workshops and other events through the MMU Research Centre FLAME (Film, Languages And Media in Education).

Teaching qualifications and training:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGC Ap), 2016, MMU
  • Postgraduate Certificate: Training Course for “Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language 2.0”, University of Rioja (Spain), July 2014.
  • Certificate of Training for Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Manchester, 2012
  • Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, Certificate, 2009, Instituto Cervantes
  • QTS (Qualified Teaching Status), 2008, General Teaching Council of England
  • CAP (Curso de Aptitud Pedagógica) [PGCE equivalent], Spain 2005, Universidad de Valencia

Grants and Awards

  • Poster Presentation winner for the Liverpool John Moores University, 2015
  • Poster Presentation winner for the Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies, LJMU, 2015
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant scholarship for PhD studies, Liverpool John Moores University, 2015 – 2018
  • Instituto Cervantes’ Grant for Teaching Training, 2014. Used for enrolment on “Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language 2.0”, University of Rioja (Spain), July 2014.
  • International Creative Writing Award: XX Ana Maria Matute Award for Women’s Narrative, 2008.
  • ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) Grant 2000: January-April 2001 Withworth University, Spokane, Washington. Full fees and allowance
  • Government Grant for HE studies (Spain) 1999-2000, full fees and allowance
  • Government Grant for HE studies (Spain) 1998-1999, full fees
  • Government Grant for HE studies (Spain) 1997-1998, full fees
  • Government Grant for HE studies (Spain) 1996-1997, full fees

One thought on “Profile”

  1. Hi Marta

    My PhD was on gendered space in Cuban literature in the run up to the Revolution. I have also published on Latin American cinema and am fascinated by film adaptation. After teaching Spanish and Visual Studies at the University of Wolverhampton as Visiting Lecturer I then started work at Visit Manchester, where I research internaiotnal conferences that could come to the city. This involves liaising with many academics.


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PhD researcher in Screen Studies, GTA

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